I was invited to give my first talk as Scientific Illustrator and Scientific Outreach Program Manager

I had a wonderful time at the University of Washington. The Genome Sciences Association for the Inclusion of Minority Students (GSAIMS) invited me to give a talk at the Beyond Academic Careers in Biosciences Symposium. I met wonderful people and felt inspired by my fellow speakers. Thank you for inviting me, it was a pleasure and I felt so honored!

More good news!

Moving out of the Bench!

In January of 2023 I'll be starting in a new position as Scientific Outreach Senior Program Manager. I'm not a postdoctoral associate anymore and I'm excited I'll be using my skills, and learning new ones, towards increasing the visibility and outreach of the amazing scientific discoveries of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biotechnology Department at UMASS Medical School. Yay! 🎉🙌✨

I was awarded the best poster in Art & Biology category at VIZBI2022 Visualizing Biological Data 2022

It's all about the little things and this one made me really happy!

I had this idea of creating something that could be on a children's book (although it's a Bio Vis academic conference). I wanted to have bits of info that would sparkle people's interest in Fungal Biology. Since there is a lack of structural data, I used alphafold predicted structures of some important proteins in cell wall synthesis in yeast, as a way to tell that a full understanding of the molecular mechanisms in cell wall synthesis is still a work in progress.

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